Ongoing Habits

Ongoing habits

Maintaining habits is not impossible, as long as you use a gradual system of improvement.

The quality of your life depends primarily on the quality of your habits, and when you Commit to the same habits, you will end up achieving the same results, and to Commit to the habits and their continuity, you have one available option, which is to start with something simple, which will be a gradual development, a long series of small gains and small successes.

Surely you have always decided to improve your life and started to acquire a new habit, but you have always been standing in the middle and not completing the path.
Then you feel a lot of despair and that you are an irresponsible person who is lazy, and this frustrates you the most.
The good news is that there are practical, effective and easy ways that will help you to continue and change for the better.

The four laws of building habits:
It is a simple set of rules that we can use to change behavior.

1- Make it clear:
It is important with regard to changing habits that you maintain awareness of what you do, therefore you can write a list of what you do throughout the day and then determine which habits are good and which ones are bad or neutral, and thus you become more aware of your behavior and more able to change it.
2- Make it attractive:
Make your habits irresistible, create rituals of motivation.
Do something you enjoy doing before any difficult habit.
3- Make it easy:
Reduce difficulties, prepare the environment to make future actions easier.
4 – Make it saturated:
Give yourself an immediate reward when you complete a habit.
The habits tracker is a simple way to make your habits more satisfied.
Habits are a double-edged sword.
A bad habit can destroy you, while good habits can build your life.
  You gather the rewards of what you keep repeating.

Habits can build up for you or against you!
Productivity accumulates, knowledge accumulates, and relationships accumulate.
On the other hand, stress, negative thoughts and resentment accumulate.
And only you allow these build-ups to happen.

Moments of sudden progress are usually the result of many previous actions that have accumulated and brought about a significant change.

Don’t break the chain..
Habits may seem like they make little difference.
In the early and middle stages, there is always a “valley of frustration”
That’s when you expect progress and then the changes seem ineffective.
So habits need to last long enough to get past this stage.
Your work is not wasted, it is only stored.

Adapted and inspired from the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear

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